The ART of molnART

This is MY page where I can present whatever I want. So if YOU dont like it, please just see my offers.

The ART of molnART have a simple meaning, that I want to living my life like it is my own art. I want to get into bed every day with a feeling the today I have lived at least one positive experience. So this page want to be my own vison on the world, where I want control and inspire myself and maybe somebody others. When I select a target for myself it is much more harder to overbridge or run arround it when it is noticed and possible to see look aftger what is my progress.

The combination of the word the molnART is a came like a combination of the standard logical thinking and a ARTIST thinking. This is a way of looking to the life from logical and from emotical side. The part "moln" represent the clasic thing after thing thinking. Where everything need to make sence and the next step come olny after understanding the step before. It can be compared to the single core process. The part "ART" represent the unconvectional thinking what is full of creativity and nobody know what can happend in a next step. It can be compared to a multicore process. molnART try to combnine this two part of thinking into one. It is based on the brain of each human beeing. We all have two part of our brain one what need tu understand everything (the left part) from this part come the logic, the language. And the second one (the right one) from this part we have emotions, decisions and the Artist use it at the most.


This page is based on my own experiencess.